Acai Berry Scams Are Taking Over

By Emily Hazzard

Chances are, unless you've been living under a rock, that you've heard about the acai berry. It's been featured on what seems to be every major talk show out there. But chances are you've also heard about the dark side of the acai berry.

There are literally hundreds of acai berry scams out there all waiting to take your money. Spotting these acai berry products can also be a challenge because over time they have been very cleverly disguised. Most acai berry scams will tell you that by simply filling in a form and giving your credit card number you can get a free trial of the acai berry. It will arrive at your door and you will never be billed again.

Unfortunately there are a lot of acai berry scams out there and a lot of great acai berry products. Spotting the differences is often times really tough to do. There's not a whole lot that you can do.

One thing you can do to try and not be scammed is by simply doing your homework. This sounds really basic but let's be honest here a lot of us don't do our homework. We simply buy off of emotion (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Acai has been proven to work and thousands upon thousands of people take acai every day to keep themselves healthier and to help them lose weight. Don't let these acai berry scams that have taken over the internet scare you away from them!

Remember that when your scammed to always be ready to fight back. By using your credit card you are protected. Good luck! - 33373

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Counting Calories, Does It Work?

By Carrie Spry

Reducing calories will not help you lose weight. Calories are not the enemy here. If you eat 2500 calories per day and reduce yourself to 1500 calories per day, you won't necessarily lose weight. Your body will simply burn fewer calories. You will reach a dieting plateau. This means that you may lose a few pounds; however, once you reach a certain point, it will be impossible to lose weight.

What makes a person go on a diet in the first place? Well, it usually builds up to a specific point, or several, and one day, you look in the mirror and enough is enough. You are going to lose weight if it kills you. Your clothes are getting too tight and you are disappointed and frustrated with what you see. Does this seem familiar to you? I was once in your shoes and am finally feeling good about myself. Anyways, on this day you are particularly motivated and decide to go on a diet.

Today you have enough anger, motivation and frustration that you decide that you are going to do whatever it takes to lose it this time. You start by skipping breakfast; after all, you'll be having lunch in a few hours. Getting closer to lunch, you feel like you might not make it. You begin feeling week, the motivation has worn off, and everything around you is reminding you of food. Your body is not accustomed to being without food for so long.

By now you feel miserable, but still bravely tell yourself that you can do this. You don't want to be a quitter and you want to lose weight. You must keep on. So now for lunch you decide on a salad or some kind of fruit. Or maybe a small portion of something else. You're still convinced that eating less will get you to your goal.

By dinner time you have a headache and chances are you are hungry. Do you really want to go through this every day? But today, you are still motivated enough to say yes. You stick with this diet for the remainder of the evening.

If you're brave then you may have held off for a week or two, chances are, you've gone back to your ways after only a few days. Usually diets link this end in some kind of binge which officially declares the end. Even if you were able to stick to it for a few weeks, you won't have lost any significant weight. You may have even made it worse. Since your body thinks it was starving, it begins to absorb every calorie that enters it.

You may have lost a few pounds during this type of diet, but the weight that was lost is just water weight, not real fat loss. And all that water weight will be gained right back when you eat normal again.

Now you know why you've always failed when trying to starve yourself in the past, since it's just not possible to lose weight by starving yourself. Serious weight loss cannot be achieved by starvation diet. Serious weight loss can only be achieved by giving your body the right types of calories at the correct times each day. - 33373

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Hoodia Gordonii - A Safe And Potent Solution For Difficult Health Issues

By John Acton

Trying to eat less food (or even stop binge eating) and lose some weight? If this is the case, then you might want to look further into hoodia gordonii, a naturally occurring plant which offers some exciting health benefits. By taking a 100% hoodia gordonii supplement, you will not only be able to suppress your intense food cravings, but also shed pounds at the same time.

The key component to hoodia gordonii's success comes from the fact that it is all natural (it comes from the Earth!). By taking advantage of a 100% hoodia supplement you'll be opening up a world of some very potent results (and entirely safe).

All of us have our own crutches and for many people that crutch is food (food cravings, binge eating, eating the crappy foods). This makes for a lot of people who find it difficult to stop binge eating or food cravings in general. And not to mention, a lot of people out there who desperately want to lose weight. These are some serious issues for people and many have a hard time taking care of them.

Let's get one thing straight, hoodia gordonii supplements are not an easy solution for curbing the appetite and losing pounds. In order to get the best results from hoodia, a user should take additional steps on his/her own towards desired results. For example, you could start exercising if you're trying to lose weight with hoodia or eliminate tempting foods if you're trying to cut back on eating.

Overall, hoodia supplements are very powerful and offer amazing results for a wide variety of different people. As long as you look for the best of the best when it comes to hoodia supplements, then you'll see the results you want. It is no magic pill but it really can help when it comes to binge eating and losing weight. - 33373

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Be Smart - Try Smart Ways To Lose Weight

By Julia M. Slawson

Toiling in the fitness center and following crazy diets are not the only ways to dump pounds. There are easy systems of losing extra fat too. These are some smart and simple way that can help you fight away those further pounds for sure.

One of the most simple thing that you can do to shed pounds is start to eat your breakfast. When you eat your breakfast, your metabolic rate gets a lift at the beginning of the day. As an effect, you finish up burning more calories than the common at the end of the day. Therefore , you lose weight. Try and catch up on healthy food items like oatmeal, whole grain vegetables, cereal bars and so on for breakfast.

Start to use smaller plates. When you use smaller plates, you are bound to serve smaller food in your plate. Studies show that most people are too bone-idle to take a second helping. The result is that you eat less. Square plates are the best option if you are looking for smaller plates.

Yet another simple measure is Caralluma Burn Appetite Suppressant. This weight supplement is one of the easiest measures to knock off the pounds. The method is deeply simple and straightforward follow. Simply pop in a tablet and you are all set to lose the extra weight baggage. This natural weight loss capsule works on the principle of keeping a tab on the appetite. Use this measure for a span of few weeks and you will observe noticeable difference in your weight. You can refer refer to the product reviews of Caralluma burn to appreciate in detail about the potential of the product.

If you want to put an end to your weight problem, it is recommended to rough up on your chopsticks abilities. If you eat with help of chopsticks, you are obviously going to consume a very less quantity. Eating with chopsticks may be a little demanding also. This guarantees that you streamline all your energy towards using chopsticks and so don't target eating more.

You must also start drinking a lot of water if you want to lose pounds. Water keeps your appetite under control because the majority of the time you feel like packed to the brim. Moreover it pumps up your guts and cleans up your body removing all the toxins. And water brings a glow to your skin.

Yet one more straightforward thing that you can do to dump the unwanted pounds is jumping. Jumping is a simple thing to do and do not require a lot of time. Likewise you needn't wait for a special time or place to start with your practice. All you need to do is to start jumping at every opportunity that you get. You can jump while watching your favorite Television program or while waiting for food to get cooked. Opt for this measure and you can certainly see obvious difference in your weight problem.

Substitute green tea with your common tea. Green tea is known to increase the metabolism, which helps you shed the pounds. And drinking tea is in no means a job. Instead, you get to enjoy your weight loss.

Try these straightforward tips and you can shed the pounds without putting in much of effort. - 33373

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Do You Know Why You Have a Big Stomach?

By Sharad Kumar Churiwala

Does your big stomach annoy you? Then you are not alone. There are people all around the world who are affected by their big stomach. The number one reason why people have big stomach is that we intake more calories than we burn. Let us look at the reasons that why we have big stomach

Having too much of food at a time: You are hungry, then what is your normal reaction, you eat too much of food. In this process, you consume lot of calories, thus in due course of time, turns into fat.

b) Binging on Fast Food: It is quite common to have fast food when we are, supposed to have healthy foods. Our Modern life style, dictates this kind of eating habits. However, we are ignoring that these food contain many calories, which are contributing to our big stomach.

c) The Way We Live: For most part our day, is spent in office, working in front of computers or laptops. This in long term slows our body metabolism. We do not have time to do exercises. This is one of the major reasons that, we have big stomach.

Food in Late Night: In today hectic schedule, it is common to have food late night. Also at the same time, we go to sleep, without any gap. Ideally, we should have fours of gap between our dinner and sleep. This is required, so that our digestive system processes and breaks down the food. Now what happens is that when we sleep, with the dinner just before it, then you force your body to two activities. First, one is to process the food and second perform other body repairing activities. Just Imagine, the kind of stress you are putting on your body. In the Final analysis, body is not able to digest the food optimally and thus leads to excess accumulation of fat and thus your big stomach. It is a vicious cycle.

Alcohol and Beer Belly: Believe me or not, alcohol and beer belly have very close relation. Some research has shown that, excess intake of alcohol, increases the appetite, which in turn, you guessed it right, is responsible for your big stomach. It is a myth that alcohol is liquid; however, it contains empty calories. - 33373

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How To Choose The Perfect Gym For You

By Carol Young

The gym is a modern day shrine for health enthusiasts who are worried about their physical fitness and their lifestyle. The number of gyms has grown greatly over the last decade and the facilities available at these places have also reached a whole new level. They are no longer visited by just body builders or professional sportsmen. They are in fact full of fitness conscious people, who are men and women cutting across age and social lines.

However, the growing popularity of the 'gym culture' has led to the opening of several pseudo centres which fail to live up to the required level, and adversely impact the health of their clients. Hence it is vital to keep a few key points in mind while selecting the right gym for yourself.

Firstly, the location of the gym is very significant. It is always convenient if the gym is close to your workplace or home, as too long a distance can affect your motivation negatively. The overall environment in the gym, which includes the mindset of the employees, the design, air-conditioning etc, must also be factored in. The interiors should give ample space and comfort as well. The standard of the gym in terms of state of the art machines and services must be checked as working on sub standard equipment can be very dangerous.

A gym housing additional facilities like sauna baths is always a better choice. Some gyms even have special day care centres that keep kids in good humour while their parents work out in the exercise area.

Gyms with personal training services must always be chosen above those that don't have them. Personal care and attention is possible with personal training and inspiration levels are also improved through it. The personal trainers available should be committed, determined and accessible so that you are able to gain the maximum out of their knowledge.

One last thing to check is that the enrolment fee of the gym must be affordable and commensurate to the facilities and services that the gym promises. Flexible and long term packages made available by some gyms are particularly helpful in increasing affordability, but try not to get into a very long term agreement.

In summary, your gym must be such that frequenting it daily and exercising in it should be a nice and reinvigorating experience for you, and this must be the prime criteria for your selection of the gym. - 33373

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Lose Belly Fat With Stomach Exercises

By Hank Rogers

Most people complain about belly fat, but in reality they don't often mean fat on their stomachs, but more on their lower abdominals. Your stomach is found between the navel and the breastbone area, so if your fat is stored below that, then it is definitely lower stomach exercises that you need to look at.

The lower abdominal area has always been notoriously difficult to lose fat from. So as well as stomach exercises, you will also need to think about following a low fat diet as well. If you can add lower stomach exercises into your daily workout regime, and follow a low fat diet, you will be well on your way to both toning your belly and melting the fat.

Unfortunately the human body is not made in a way for us to target just one area to get rid of fat, so you will need to concentrate on a total body workout that also includes some stomach exercises in order to lose your belly fat. As you will also need to eat less calories than you burn you will also need to stick to a low fat diet for your belly fat to go.

Some good lower abdominal exercises which will help to shape your abs are pelvic thrusts,chair lifts, and double leg lifts. Making sure that you are following a low fat diet will take care of melting the fat.

The pelvic thrust needs you to lie down on the floor and have your knees bent with your arms being kept straight by your sides. Keep your body on the floor, and just raise your pelvic area. While you are exhaling, tilt your pelvis upwards. Hold this for several seconds and then you can inhale as you lower your pelvis. This stomach exercise must be repeated several times.

It is important to do several exercises that will work your stomach muscles and you can find more on our site. Following
some simple stomach exercises and varying your workout routine will soon seen you with a nice flat belly, especially when you also follow a low fat diet. - 33373

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